A   U n i q u e   B o u t i q u e


Vintage ReVamp has been my dream for sometime now. I feel when people throw clothes away it's wasteful. I love taking your old clothes and Revamping them to something new and fresh. I love vintage clothes as well, only problem is women were tiny back then. I like to take those old dresses and remake them into more modern sizes. 

I am a child of the 80's where fashion exploded in different forms. We had Rock-a-billy, punk rock, gothic, new wave, mods, ska, preppy's, heavy metal, vintage, etc..  80's kids followed our own styles. It was a time of fearless fashion and music.

My heart is still in some of the 80's fashion as well a fashions from the past. My heart leads me to bring back classic styles with an edge. Just because we grown up doesn't mean we can't still be cool and sophisticated!

Outdated sweaters turned into a unique cool looking cardigan!

Taking this blue velvet vest and replacing with rockin' skull button, silver metal waistcoat chain and giant safety pin skeleton charms.

A navy blue vest with skull buttons, sliver studded skull, silver waistcoat chain and a rose skull pocket kerchief.

Vintage ReVamp